Yorkshire Town is The Place

Where you will find Traditional

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies




What we do...

We have decided to give other people the opportunity to own a quality, fun loving tiny companion. Our little ones are perfect for smaller living spaces, as well as large. They absolutely love exploring the yard whether it is small or large. It is such a wonderful thing to see this tiny little friend with such confidence and joy running around as if he or she has lived with you forever. We try to do our best to make sure we have the happiest and healthiest Yorkies so that our Sire and Dam will produce equally healthy and happy puppies. We would like all prospective buyers to know that we try our hardest to take the best care of these babies. In which the good lord has allowed us to bring into the world. So that we might give others a chance to have a wonderful pet, just like ours!

Why we do what we do.....

We would like to welcome everyone to have a chance to own your very own little Yorkshire terrier. We have so much fun with our Yorkies, we want to share the chance for others to have the same experiences with little ones just like ours! Yorkies are so fun to watch, they have such a vibrant personality, It is amazing watching them love living their wonderful life. You can certainly see why Victorian Ladies made these types of dogs as their preferred choice. These tiny things really do think they are royal. We have been so very blessed to be given this time to have a life with these wonderful little cuties. Every day we see them do something more and more adorable. We only have traditional Yorkies, no parti or chocolate yorkies are here. Our Sire and Dam are AKC Registered!

Standard of how we do things...

We strive for the best, we have been given this opportunity to produce traditional Yorkshire Terriers for many other families to enjoy, we try to keep our Yorkies as healthy as possible. We also lean more towards holistic healing and medicines when needed. For our family as well as our pets. If you decide to purchase a Yorkshire Terrier from Yorkshire Town, the puppy of your choice will have his/her first set of shots, they will have their tail docked and declaws removed, as well as having your new pet Microchipped with an AKC Reunite Microchip, which will also include the Pre-paid Enrollment to AKC Reunite. We are pleased and blessed to be able to provide prospective families with a new cute fun loving family pet!

These Toy group terriers are truly a blessing!

Seek first the Kingdom of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33