About the Breed......

The Yorkshire Terrier is known for being a feisty and confident breed. This toy breed of tiny terriers were originally bred as ratters long before they became lapdogs of Victorian ladies. Yorkshire Terriers are known for their shiny long coat, which is more like human hair than animal fur. Our Sire and Dam are traditional colors but their might possibly be a chance of color variations in any given litter. They have now become more of a companion / family pet. Our family consists of playful, protective, loving and beautifully elegant Yorkies, male and female alike. Yorkshire Terriers are often named the most popular dog breed in American cities as stated on AKC website. Your Yorkshire Terrier will be filled with energy and curiosity, and most of all will always be ready to play or just sit back and watch a movie. Above all he/she will be a loyal loving and gentle companion for everyone in the family. You should expect your yorkie to weigh between 5-7 lbs. If you are looking for a tiny, fun loving true companion, you may have found him/her. If you know the breed you are aware of the cost for one of these beautiful dogs. Our AKC Registered puppies will cost $600.00 for a male and $800.00 for a female. Making our puppies extremely affordable.

Breed Traits.....

Personality: Sprightly, Tomboyish, and Affectionate, they are so smart and are taught easily.

Energy Level: Yorkshire Terriers are somewhat active, they will generally be happy with a daily walk or time checking out the back yard. We were blessed with all 3 of our dogs being fairly calm.

Shedding: Yorkies are known for their long flowing shiny coats, they are infrequent shedders. Which is nice for people who really do not like a breed that sheds frequently.

Grooming: Yorkshire Terriers require frequent daily grooming or they will need to be kept in a short coat.

Our Health Guarantee.....

Yorkshire Terriers are generally a healthy breed. Like all breeds there may be some health issues, like eye disease and patellar luxation. Some Dogs may be affected with these health challenges in their lives but the majority of yorkies are healthy dogs. We give a 1 year health guarantee for our litter puppies. In the event of a death, the puppy must be checked out by our vet and cause of death must be due to genetic or health, and not caused by negligence or trauma. All purchasing owners will not have breeding rights.

All of our pups will have tails docked and declaw removed prior to purchasing. They will have the 1st set of shots as well as an AKC Reunite Microchip implanted at time of purchase which will include a lifetime pre~paid enrollment for AKC Reunite. We will also include a custom made Yorkshire Terrier health Record (for images see Extras page). We will also include a helpful guide from us as to how to care for your new puppy. *Changes to Shots and Microchipping can be discussed when prospective buyers contact us for further information*.